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Citizens Initiative for Tsunami Victims

Appeal to contribute generously and appropriately to aid tsunami victims: Bangalore citizens initiative for tsunami victims

A scene on the Marina beach in Chennai: Source: The Hindu, 27 December, 2004

On December 26th 2004, tsunamis induced by a massive earthquake in the Indian ocean hit India among other countries in the South Asian and South-East Asian region.

In this time of crisis, in Bangalore, a network of voluntary organisations, colleges, student organisations, NGOs, etc. have come together to launch the CITIZENS INITIATIVE FOR TSUNAMI VICTIMS to develop collective efforts for mobilising relief material and money to help victims through credible contact points in the affected areas. A series of collection points for material and donations are also set up.

St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science will be the main contact point for collection of material and donations.

Update Bulletins

(Please see this space for updates on the Relief work and requirements)

Media files containing updated newspaper clippings on the Tsunami disaster are now available. Click on the topics listed issuewise below

Collection Points

The following material and donation collection points are set up:

Website to coordinate relief information has been set up at: http://www.indiatogether.org/relief/tsunami


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