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The Dandeli EIA Fraud


All documents are provided here in HTML format for ease of downloading and viewing. Some formatting such as tables may not appear as intended. If you would like a formatted version of any document, please email esg@esgindia.org or contact our office.

The affidavit filed by ESG on request of the Deputy Commissioner of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka provides a comprehensive examination of the fraud committed by Ernst & Young (EY) and the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) in an attempt to secure clearances for the Dandeli Mini-Hydel Scheme proposed by MPCL. (42KB)

Scanned images of several pages of the EIA for Tattahalli Augmentation scheme and the Ernst & Young Rapid EIA for the Dandeli Mini-Hydel Scheme clearly illustrate the extent of the plagiarism committed by EY. Furthermore, an analysis of TERI's EIA provided by ecologist Dr. Ranjit Daniel is a startling testament to the low quality and shoddy work of the respected Institute in compiling an EIA for this project.

Dandeli Mini Hydel Scheme Rapid EIA1 Tattahalli Augmentation Scheme EIA2
Cover of DMH report Cover of TAS report
Contents - 1, 2
Flora and Fauna in DMH report Flora and Fauna in TAS report
DMH Aquatic Riverline Flora TAS Aquatic Riverline Flora
DMH Dry Deciduous Plants TAS Dry Deciduous Plants
Plants of DMH Upstream Plants of TAS
DMH Plant List continued TAS Plant List continued
DMH Fauna - Aves TAS Fauna - Aves
DMH Faunal Survey TAS Faunal Survey
DMH Aquatic Life TAS Aquatic Life
DMH Sampling Station continued
DMH Water Analysis Table TAS Water Quality
Soil Analysis - DMH Soil - TAS
DMH Catchment Area Treatment TAS Catchment Area Treatment
DMH Concept and Approach TAS Concept and Approach
DMH Tech Background TAS Tech Background
DMH Specific Objective continued
DMH Socio-economic & cultural impact TAS Socio-economic & cultural impact
DMH Population and Literacy TAS Population and Literacy
DMH Rehabilitation and Resettlement TAS Rehabilitation and Resettlement - 1, 2
Prediction of Impact
Environmental Management Plan - 1, 2
DMH Field Findings - 1, 2 TAS Field Findings - 1, 2, 3
DMH Action Plan TAS Action Plan

1. Plagiarised by Ernst & Young

2. Authored by Institute for Catchment Studies and Environmental Management, Bangalore (ICSEM) and BASS Pollution Control Systems Ltd.

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