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It is important to note that Chamalapura is just one of the many large power plants that are slated to come up in and around Karnataka. The commitment of the government to supply power to all by 2012 has led to a growing trend of pushing large power plant projects within the country. The 11th and the 12th plans will be geared towards this purpose. With regards to TTPs a Committee to recommend next higher size of coal fired thermal power station was setup by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) in order to decide the next required step to meet the power requirements of the country. After a deliberation of two years the Committee presented in its conclusions that (t)he committee recommends that the next higher units adopted in the country should be from 800- 1000 MW. These they elaborated were more efficient and environmentally viable.

While the debate regarding the propagation of coal fired plants which are a major hazard in the face of global climate change is long, it is more pressing a need to recognize that Chamalapura would set the precedent to a large extent on how the new mega power plants the government is planning to setup across the state will be sited and managed. For a detailed understanding of the controversial site selection process surrounding the Chamalapura power plant, read our representation to the KERC.

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