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Compensation Case Against BESCOM

KERC supports ESG's claim against Power surge


Environment Support Group wrote to BESCOM to lodge a complaint regarding an electrical voltage spike that we experienced in June 2003 and again in November 2003 and requested for compensation. In an article in the Sunday Times of India, 8/6/2003, it was suggested that we can receive compensation for damages resulting from high-voltage spikes from BESCOM. The voltage surge damaged a UPS, computer and a printer and damages to the extent of Rs 40,000/- were incurred.

Current Situation

In a landmark ruling, the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission, constituted by Mr. Phillipose Mathai, Mr. H. S. Subramanya and Mr. S. D. Ukkali, ordered Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) to compensate Environment Support Group "damages to the tune of Rs. 32,935/- within 90 days from the date of the order". The Commission made this ruling suo moto on the basis of a letter petition from ESG demanding compensation for extensive damage to its computer network caused by a high voltage spike on 2nd June 2003. Read the ruling.

ESG demanded this compensation on grounds that BESCOM had failed in its fundamental obligation as electricity supplier to provide power that was free from danger and within the regulated voltage stream. In particular it had not taken due precautions to keep power lines free of interference and danger, and as a result neglected the pruning of a coconut frond, which fell causing the surge. This surge caused extensive damage to ESG's electrical and computer installations, causing a total damage to the tune of Rs. 32, 935/-. Read the Press Release.

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