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EIA Notification 2006 Amendment


In 2006, the Indian Environment and Forest Ministry (MoEF) comprehensively amended the EIA Notification despite widespread concerns that it promoted weak and undemocratic environmental regulatory systems. MoEF is now back with a further amendment extending a 3 year holiday from rigorous environmental compliance to highly polluting and resource intensive industrial and infrastructure sectors. Thousands of crores will be saved by mining, petrochemicals, infrastructure development, construction, manufacturing, and other sectors in the process. Clearly this amounts to the extension of a largesse by the UPA Government on the eve of elections in violation of Election Commission's Code of Conduct.

The Campaign for Environmental Justice in India has submitted an appeal to the Prime Minister of India to stop this disastrous amendment now. To download this appeal, click here. This appeal has recieved over 500 endorsements that include major social movements & social action groups from all parts of the country, academicians, researchers, and concerned citizens. To download the complete set of endorsements, click here. Sign here to support the campaign to stop this disastrous amendment. Read the press release made by CEJI.

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