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Campaign against Illegal Tree felling in Bangalore

Current Situation

Sheshadri Road Flyover

Photo Source: The New Indian Express, 12th Sept, 2004

The Sheshadri Road flyover will bring an end to this wonderful canopy of trees. About 100 trees will be chopped down for the flyover.

The up ramp starts from Khoday's Circle (At the end of Platform Road - the road on which the main entrance to the City Railway Station stands). It is a 5-lane one-way flyover. One lane breaks away into a loop and descends towards RC College and Janata Dal Secular office. The remaining four lanes pass over the stretch of Seshadri Road running from Ananda Rao Circle to Subbanna Circle (at the intersection of Gandhinagar 5th Main Road, Seshadri Road and Race Course Road - also known as Gandhi Square) and descend into a down ramp and meet the surface a few metres ahead of the fire station, aligned to the left half of the Seshadri Road.

Although the flyover seems inevitable, many questions remain unanswered such as where are the saplings which are to be planted in lieu of the trees being chopped, why are such projects not made public at the planning stage, how many more such projects are in the offings, etc.

You can see the plan for the flyover and Salient Features (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

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See Hasire Usiru for current information on tree felling in Bangalore.

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