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Fire Safety in Schools


Concept note on Fire Safety In Schools

How Fire Safe are Bangalore�s Schools?
A campaign for fire safety education
Fire safety in schools

It should be the responsibility of the Head master/headmistress, Management and Governing Body of the premises to ensure that fire evacuation drills are carried out. The dangers which may threaten children and staff if a fire breaks out depends on many different factors, like the building in which they are housed, whether the building has enough doors and windows for rescue operations, if it is a multistoried building the number, width and accessibility to the staircases, etc. Each fire routine must be based upon a simple, efficient course of action which is specifically designed for the premises in which it has to operate. Consideration must be given to the age of the pupils attending the school and as to whether there are any children with special needs

Fire safety education in schools

Educating the young about fire safety and fire prevention forms a very important component of the work of the society and the Fire Services Department. Every school should appoint a fire safety education officer to develop and co-ordinate a structured educational programme, as it is obvious that many children across Bangalore have not received any fire safety education or have received repetitive messages in different years throughout their school lives. The fire safety education programme should be progressive and comprehensive in it's coverage across Bangalore.

The purpose of the fire drill

Fire drills are intended to make sure, by means of Training and Practice that in the event of fire:

Instruction and Training

During the first term of the academic year all pupils, staff or support staff, should be conducted around the primary escape routes of the school. They should also receive instruction on the school fire evacuation routine. All staff members should receive instruction and training suitable to their responsibilities in the event of any emergency.

All members of staff should each receive a personal copy of prepared written instructions. They should receive oral instructions given by a competent person each academic year.

A record of the training and instructions given and fire drills held, should be entered in the register book and should include the following:

Fire evacuation drills, which may be combined with the instructions, should be carried out at least once per term. Fire auditing of schools A mandate for schools to be regularly audited for fire safety and the premises updated with fire safety equipment and measures should be introduced. Parents should be involved in reviewing of these measures along with the fire service personnel.

The Hazy Building Bye laws that govern Educational Institutions

1. For all high rise buildings, the work shall also be subject to inspection by the officers of the Karnataka State Fire Service Department and the occupancy certificate shall be issued only after obtaining a clearance certificate from the Director of Fire Services.

2. Basement Storey:

3. The height of the kitchen shall not be less than 2.75 m and proper chimney and flue gas vents to be provided for the escape of gases.

4. The minimum width of stair cases in educational building shall be as follows:

Building Width of stair
Educational building upto 24mts in height 1.5mt
Educational building more than 24mts in height 2.0mt

5. Exit requirements for high rise buildings, public and industrial buildings

6. Fire escapes or external stairs:

Fire Safety Requirements

  1. Buildings shall be planned, designed and constructed to ensure adequate fire safety to the property and inhabitants and this shall be carried out, in accordance with Part IV Fire Protection of the National Building Code of India.
  2. The fire fighting requirements, arrangements and installations required in building shall also conform to the provisions of Part IV Fire Protection of National Building Code of India.
  3. For buildings with ground floor + four floors and above (or height of 15 mtrs. and above), clearance of the Director of Fire Services shall be obtained regarding the Fire Protection Provision in building.

Fire Brigade Contact Telephone Numbers

The fire brigade number to call in an emergency is 101. Helpline 102.

Some other numbers to call in case of fire are:
Central Fire Control Room (6 lines) --- 22251780, 22251786, 22251780, 22251782, 22251781, 22251785
City Corpn (City Area) --- 22277789
City Corpn (Civil Area) --- 25571488

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