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Making our Homes Environmentally Just
A workshop for urban residents to understand how to build and live Green

Organized by
Environment Support Group in collaboration with Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology

(download flyer - PDF, 205 KB)

solar energyOn: Saturday the 7th of November 2009 between 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

At: Regional Institute of Cooperative Management, No.6, Padmanabhanagar, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore-70. Tel: 26692036

Homes are spaces of comfort. It is a space to retire and feel one with our family and local community. Feeling at home is to feel comfortable with life itself. Yet, every home today contributes incrementally to a decrease in our overall quality of life. The energy and water we consume, the waste we dispose, the materials we use to build, the lifestyles we adopt all together contribute to the overall stress on our ecological systems to sustain our way of life. As middle classes become increasingly powerful in shaping the direction of development in India, and consumerism is equated as development itself, the value of nature is diminishing in our overall perception of our life on this living planet. The result is dire consequences to present and future generations.

Can we tread softly? Can we make sure we contribute to burning less coal, or stopping the damming of rivers, or ensuring highly risky nuclear technology is at all required? Can we make it possible for our cities to look clean and green by socially just practices and adopting simple home based techniques? Can we ensure that rivers flow for sustaining life and forests and growing food, because we have chosen to harvest rain? Can we ensure that our choice of building material is honed by a deeper understanding of causing the least disturbance to natural ecosystems? Can we live in urban areas and yet be one with nature? If you are one who is involved in such questioning, this workshop is for you.

The workshop is especially designed keeping in mind needs of students, homemakers, resident welfare associations and apartment owners associations, teachers, managements of institutions and in general anyone who is keen to minimise their carbon footprints.

Come and learn how you can convert your waste to compost at home without a mess; harvest rain and thus use free and healthy water; understand how you can effectively make use of the abundant sunlight for many of your energy needs; and thus explore many more ways to lead not merely a low carbon lifestyle but also in an environmentally and socially just way. The net result, therefore, will be a safer planet for us, our futures and that of future generations.

Registration Fee: Rs. 150/- per person (Cheques/DDs to be made in favour of Environment Support Group)

To confirm your participation, please write to Sruthi Subbanna at sruthi@esgindia.org or call any of our office numbers.

We look forward to your active participation in this workshop.

rainwater harvestingSincerely,

Bhargavi S. Rao
Coordinator (Education)
Environment Support Group Email: bhargavi@esgindia.org

Environment Support Group, 1572, 36th Cross, 100 ft Outer Ring Road, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore -70
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ESG is an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes the cause of environmental and social justice through research, documentation, advocacy, training and campaign support. We aim to support the rights of local communities and voiceless ecosystems in a responsible, progressive manner that keeps contextual complexities in mind.

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