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Environment Support Group (ESG) is an independent not-for-profit non-governmental organisation, founded in 1996 and registered as a Public Charitable Trust in 1998. Its main functions involve research, training, campaign support, and advocacy on a variety of environmental and social justice issues.

ESG is amongst the foremost proponents in India for the reform of environmental decision making processes urging that the same be made more participatory and environmentally and socially just. ESG initiated or supported campaigns have been largely successful despite the nature of the issues being highly controversial and politically sensitive with national-level implications. In acknowledgement of its influencing role, ESG's services have been sought by a variety of regional, national and international agencies.

The experience of ESG's staff, supporters and advisors ranges from environmental science, policy and law, environmental engineering, biological and ecological sciences, legal activism, urban planning and development, democratisation and decentralisation of processes, community organising, education and training.

Environment Support Group is an openly structured organisation that has achieved high levels of participation in its activities from its Full Time Staff, Trustees, Volunteers and Advisory Panel.

ESG has worked with a wide range of organisations and coalitions at the local, regional, national and international levels in a variety of collaborations.

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ESG functions mainly in the following areas:

ESG gratefully acknowledges Indlaw Communications Pvt. Ltd. for legal database resource support.

ESG is an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes the cause of environmental and social justice through research, documentation, advocacy, training and campaign support. We aim to support the rights of local communities and voiceless ecosystems in a responsible, progressive manner that keeps contextual complexities in mind.