No. A9. V. CR. 912/2003-04.
Dated: 02.08.2003


Office of the Deputy conservator of forests,
Bangalore Urban,


The Director,
Horticulture Department,
Bangalore Mahanagara Palike,
South, East, West,

Respected Sir,

Subject: Regarding Felling of trees.

On the basis of requests for tree felling from the public and from your office this office has issued orders for felling trees on several instances.

In Writ Petition WA 8178/1999 (directions) dated 29.07.2003 the Hon’ble High Court has described rules and procedures and stated that before cutting a tree, two saplings have to be planted. On the basis of this direction you are being informed that all tree felling orders given till date where the trees have not been cut are being withdrawn under Sec.8 (1) of The Karnataka Preservation of Tree Act, 1976 with immediate effect.

You are being informed that the trees are not to be cut for any reason whatsoever. If trees are cut then you will be held solely responsible for the resulting Contempt of Court or other consequences.

Yours faithfully,

Deputy conservator of forests,
Bangalore Urban,