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Americans learn what it takes to be an Indian - Asian Age, February 22, 2002

Environment Support Group in association with Arunodaya Poirada of Hospet, organized an academic programme involving 36 students and faculty from the universities of the United States. The learning community lived in the cities of Chennai and Bangalore for a month, to understand the dynamics of Indian, “Cities as part of the Cities in the 21st century,” course of the International Honors Programme, offered collaboration with Bard College, Boston USA. “Bangalore was one among the chosen cities, for the programme because it is growing fast and is the Silicon Valley of South Asia,” said Prof. Dave Johnson. Faculty International Honors Programme. In Bangalore, the students have been exposed to various sections of society, from Bangalore’s IT sector, to urban slums and villages around Bangalore and Mysore. As part of the programme, students travel to cities in India, Brazil and South Africa. The Environment Support Group is collaborating with IHP for the India segment of the programme. The programme ends in Boston, when students will present their findings and recommendations to a panel selected from a number of urban academics, activists, and planners.

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